How to Get More Traffic from Search Engine?

Do you know how to get search engine traffic?

The answer is links, and lots of them. There are so many web sites that are all vying for the same top position on Google – the ones with the most inbound links are the winners.

Want an easy method to get links?

You can simply get them through blog comments.

Here’s how it works:
Open up your Google search page and type the following into the search box:
 wordpress comments "any keywords you want"
Of course, you’re not actually going to write the words “any keywords you want,” you’ll
substitute with the keywords that are suitable for your business. Google will spit back a
whole bunch of blogs that are appropriate for commenting and in which you can place
links to your site. Not every site listed is going to be a blog, and not every blog is going to be the right place to comment, so expect to do some sifting. You can try several, different keyword phrases until you find just the right blogs that you’re looking for. Also try some non-
business keywords, or mix them in with the business ones - remember, you’re looking for
blogs, and not all of them will be business related, even if they’re related to what you do.
In fact, if you only stick to business keywords, like “web design,” you’re likely to come
up with only commercial sites and blogs where you can’t comment. Instead, try
something like “web design story.”

Don’t write inane or irrelevant comments, and don’t make it a blatant advertisement.
Write something that fits in with the overall discussion in the comment section and adds
real value for the readers. Aside from adding links, it’s a great way to get customers to
actually click on the link and see what you have to offer.
The blog writer also makes the decision about whether or not to let your comment
become visible on the blog – if you write something of interest rather than a shameless
ad, your chances of getting approved are significantly increased.
Another factor that makes this strategy so irresistible is that for SEO purposes, links in
the same category as your web site are counted much more than links from random web
sites in other categories.