There are essentially many ways to sell online

If you’re considering starting an online business congratulations! It’s a
fantastic way to earn money. Of course, you need to research the
industry fully and get a handle on how it works in order to be successful – never jump in with your eyes closed. There are essentially many ways to sell online Let’s go through two scenarios to paint a clear picture of how they work.

e-commerce: in a traditional setup, the retailer builds a web site. This can be done quite from a template, or take a little longer with a custom design. Either way will work, and for a small business, you don’t need to go all out. For your e-commerce website you will buy at wholesale price and stock, market, and ship the products. Finding a good wholesale distributor is your most important task, as that will be a crucial factor in your potential success.

dropship e-commerce: In this setup, instead of purchasing and stocking inventory, you set up a web site, (or purchase one through the dropshipper). The wonderful benefit of this arrangement is that you don’t have to lay out capital for inventory, and you never have leftover goods sitting around. You receive money from the customer, you get billed for the wholesale price by the wholesaler just after. Finding a good dropshipper is your most important task, as that will be a crucial factor in your potential success.